YesNutri Vitamin E 1000IU


YesNutri Vitamin E 1000IU

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Supplement for Low Fat Intake

As a fat-soluble vitamin, vitamin E requires fat in order for the digestive system to absorb it. Malabsorption of fat due to certain diseases or having a low-fat diet would reduce the amount of vitamin E acquired from diet. Taking vitamin E supplement could compensate for insufficient intake from food.

Deficiency of Vitamin E

Vitamin E deficiency is likely to occur under certain specific situations where fat is not properly digested or absorbed. Vitamin E deficiency is usually characterized by neurological problems and muscle damage characterized by sensory loss, muscle weakness, loss of body control and vision problems. A number of animal and human studies have indicated that vitamin E deficiency impairs immune functions. Supplementation above the recommended levels, especially in the aged, has been shown to increase resistance against certain pathogens.


Adults take 1 softgel capsule daily or as recommended by physicians.