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YesNutri Resveratrol 250mg

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60 Tablets

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Adults take 1-2 capsules once daily or as directed by physicians.

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Resveratrol 250mg Formula

The French Paradox

Revolutionary findings at the Harvard Medical School and U.S. National Institute on Aging have unveiled a health-boosting polyphenol called resveratrol. Scientists believe that it has protective effects on healthy heart and blood vessels and could slow down aging. This discovery may reveal the mystery of “The French Paradox”: the French love to eat high fat high calorie food but their rate of cardiovascular disease is relatively low.[1] This might be the effect of high consumption of red wine by the French. It is nice to drink a glass or two, but it is far more effective if we consume resveratrol supplement of high concentration and best quality for optimal results.

Why do we grow old?

Aging involves a progressive, time-dependent reduction in biochemical and physiological function of the body. Free radicals are produced as by-products during cellular metabolism, and also formed as a result of exposure to pollution, toxins and UV radiation. Free radicals attack healthy cells and destroy proteins and DNA, making our body more vulnerable to infections and diseases as we age. Consumption of resveratrol in diet could slow down the aging process, improve muscular endurance and promote other health benefits possibly by activating expression of the longevity gene SIRT1.[2]

Resveratrol activates the Longevity Gene

Resveratrol is a powerful naturally occurring antioxidant, first discovered in the roots of white hellebore in 1940. Resveratrol is also found in significant amounts in the dried roots of Japanese knotweed, grape skin and berries.[2,3] The compound may exert its health effects by activating the longevity gene function, which in turn speed up the DNA repairing process and maintain normal cell metabolism. Enhanced aerobic capacity and motor function was observed. Resveratrol could give an overall anti-oxidizing and protective effect for healthy cells and organs. 

Caring for your Heart and Glucose

Oxidative stress affects cardiovascular functions. Supplementation of resveratrol is protective to cardiovascular and atherosclerotic problems, and has been proven to improve endothelial functions.[1,6] Further evidence has revealed benefits on cognitive function.[1] 

Asian countries contribute to more than 60% of the world’s diabetic population. Socio-economic growth and urbanization are rapidly occurring in many of these countries. Asians have a strong ethnic and genetic predisposition for diabetes and have lower thresholds for the environmental risk factors even at young ages.[7] Extra attention and proactive actions must be taken to combat against the high risk. Resveratrol could stimulate body cells to take up glucose intracellularly and improve energy expenditure, thus help maintaining a more healthy profile of blood vessels.[8] 

From Heart to Skin: Look Young & Feel Young

Because of its critical location, the upper layer of the skin is the first barrier and defense against environmental stressors such as UV radiation, cigarette smoke and diesel fuel exhaust. This skin layer is rich in fatty acids, which is susceptible to damage by stressors that can affect its function of protecting skin from dehydration.[4] Also, UVB from the sun penetrates through skin barrier and activates production of the dark pigment melanin, resulting in speckles, dull skin tone and speeding up aging. 

Scientific reports have shown that resveratrol could inhibit dark pigment production and remarkably reduce dark spots.[5] It also helps the upper skin layer to strengthen its lipid structure to reduce dehydration.[4] It contributes to an overall whitening and moisturizing effect to the skin. Resveratrol is a trustable guard for sustaining beauty and health, allows you to look young and feel young.

XXX Resveratrol Red Wine
Resveratrol content HIGH

250mg per capsule


0.2-0.5mg per glass (~5oz) [9]

Alcohol content No alcohol About 12% [10]
Long term effect Do not cause alcohol dependence Alcohol dependence [10]
Actions Rejuvenate Skin Conditions

  • Whitening effect [5]
  • Reduce dark spots [5]
  • Retain skin moisture [4]

Healthy Heart and Body

  • Protect the cardiovascular system [1,6]
  • Improve endothelial functions [1]
  • Suppress platelet aggregation [2]

Strengthen Energy and Immunity

  • Reduce fatigue [1]
  • Maintain healthy pancreas[11]
  • Improve metabolism[2]

Feel Young and Fit

  • Strong antioxidant [2]
  • Neutralize free radicals [1,2,6]
  • Improve memory [1]
  • DNA Self-repair [9]
Alcohol is classified as carcinogenic to humans (Group 1) by WHO [10]

  • cause many cancers, including colorectal cancer, breast cancer and liver cancer
  • increase risk of other health conditions, e.g. high blood pressure, stroke, cirrhosis
  • memory loss
  • weaken reproductive functions

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