YesNutri Multi-Vitamin & Minerals (Contains Lutein & Lycopene)


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One Tablet for Daily Requirement

Fatigue, dizziness, headache and lacking concentration are common symptoms among people living in a fast-paced city. “Sub-health” is a stage between health and illness characterized by some psychological or physical discomfort with no typical pathological feature.[1] It is hard to distinguish between sub-healthy and healthy person from appearance. 

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YesNutri Multi-Vitamin & Minerals (Contains Lutein & Lycopene)

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100 Tablets

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Vitamins For Life: 248 Wagner Street, Middlesex, NJ 08846, U.S.A.

Recommended Daily Dose/ Direction:

Adults take 1 tablet once daily with meal or as recommended by physicians.

Nutrition Information:

Looking into the causes of “Sub-health”

Imbalanced diet, stress, anxiety, poor sleep quality and pollution are damaging factors against health. If our body is not well-prepared to combat with such pressure, symptoms of “Sub-health” could come to you. 

The following groups should pay special attention to their supplemental nutrient intake:

Living habits Work / School
Long hours on mobile or tablets, stay up late, light sleep, picky eater, carnivorous diet, smoking, drinking alcohol Irregular meals, heavy workload, stressful, reversed biological clock, interpersonal relationship, emotions
Environment Family
Air pollution, water quality issue, UV radiation, poor indoor ventilation, food additives, pesticides on food Taking care of all members, multiple roles in family, occupied by housework


Fighting Against “Sub-health”

The body is always at a dynamic state that constantly changing, a sub-health state can progress to a health state or a disease state. Better lifestyle and supplement our diet with suitable nutrients can boost your overall health, turning sub-healthy state into healthy state. 

Antioxidizing Your body naturally produces free radicals that attack your cells and speed up aging. Powerful antioxidants could protect against free radical damage, maintain cell integrity and delay aging.[2-4]

  • Lycopene, Vitamin C, E, Zinc, Selenium, Manganese
Stress relief Tense life, work pressure and persistence of negative emotion easily induce anxiety and fatigue. Relax and keep your mind clear could help cope with heavy workload and pressure.[2-3]

  • Vitamin B Complex
Immunity Work pressure, overworking and lack of sleep are common causes of adverse effect on the endocrine and immune system. Improve your immunity to help reduce the chance of catching colds or flu especially during the peak seasons.[2-4]

  • Lycopene, Vitamin C, Zinc, Iodine
Energy release Unlock energy from food and improve metabolism. Increasing nutrient supply to every body cell could help regain stamina.[2-3]

  • Vitamin B Complex, Magnesium
Brain & Cardiovascular Anemia and poor blood circulation cause fatigue and cold limbs. Supplement with nutrients to produce red blood cells and improve blood circulation. Bring nutrients and oxygen to the brain and support cardiovascular health.[2-3]

  • Vitamin B Complex, C, E, Folic acid, Iron
Bone health Lack of exercise and little exposure to sunlight add risk to early bone loss. Supply bones with necessary building blocks to maintain bone density and healthy teeth.[2-3]

  • Calcium, Vitamin D3
Skin and Hair Nutritional imbalance, UV radiation and exhaust gas will accelerate skin aging and hair loss. Provide skin and hair with necessary nutrients to revitalize youthful appearance.[2-3]

  • Biotin, Zinc, Vitamin A, C, E, Pantothenic acid (B5)
Eye health Bright light from mobile and tablet, UV radiation and air pollution can be very damaging to the eyes. Filter blue light and supplement with antioxidants and nutrients for retina. Improve night vision and relieve eye strain to protect your vision.[2,3,5]

  • Vitamin A, E, Beta Carotene, Lutein



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