YesNutri Liver Capsule Milk Thistle Extract (Complex formula)


Functions of Milk Thistle Extract

Europeans have been using Milk Thistle as health supplement for over 2000 years. In 1949, clinical experiment done in Germany has proved that an optimum amount of Milk Thistle can help improve hepatitis. The Germans then try extracting Milk Thistle essence Silymarin from the seed of Milk Thistle in 1968. With over 30 years of experiment, it is observed that Silymarin can detoxify, strengthen and protect the liver.

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YesNutri Liver Capsule Milk Thistle Extract (Complex formula)

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100 Tablets

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Adults take 1-2 capsules daily or as recommended by physicians.

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Researches in Germany have proved that Milk Thistle plays a significant role in protecting the liver as it can help the liver resist invasion of toxin and eliminate toxin, while at the same time effectively protect and stimulate the regeneration of liver cells.


Silymarin can effectively improve the function of liver, while its effects can be classified into the following 4 kinds:

– Antioxidant effect

Silymarin is an effective kind of antioxidant called Isoflavone, which can help suppress 5-lipoxygenase, an enzyme which speeds up oxidation. Silymarin can thus increase the concentration of antioxidant in liver cells, and stabilize cell membranes (especially liver cell), so as to achieve antioxidant effect.


– Detoxification effect

Mushroom picking workers eat milk thistles to prevent liver failure caused by mis-intake of poisonous mushrooms since long in Germany. Researches today point that Silymarin is the main component of detoxification exist in Milk Thistle, which can have detoxifying effect, prevent invasion of toxin and discharge toxin. Silymarin can also improve the liver’s function of detoxification and stand against toxic elements.


– Help repair and regenerate liver cells

Liver cell is one of the few organ cells that has regenerating ability, while Silymarin can increase the protein synthesis of nucleotide exist in normal liver cells, but not enhancing the growth of bad liver cells. Silymarin can also repair liver cells destroyed by alcohol which makes it especially important for usual drinkers.


– Recover stamina from constant tiredness

In nowadays society, many work in late hours or overtime shifts. Most workers lack sleep and are constantly tired. Recent research shows that Silymarin can significantly decrease liver-related symptoms such as fatigue, nausea along with muscle and joint pain. In a 48 week study, patients consuming Silymarin are found to have a better general health.

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