YesNutri High IgG Colostrum Milk Tablets


High IgG Colostrum may provide the following benefits:

  • Support immune system[10,14-16]
  • Enhance cell survival & nutrients uptake in the intestine [11-12]
  • Antioxidant [14]
  • Support body growth and tissue repair [9]
  • Relieve stress [13]
  • Slow down the aging process [7-8,14]
  • Help rejuvenate skin and muscle tissue [9]
  • Maintain healthy joint and cartilage function [9]
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YesNutri High IgG Colostrum Milk Tablets

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100 Tablets

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GMP Pharmaceuticals Ltd. 12 Averton Place, East Tamaki, Auckland, New Zealand.

Recommended Daily Dose/ Direction:

3-6 years: take 1-2 tablets daily; 7-12 years: take 2-3 tablets daily; 13 years or above: take 4-5 tablets daily; or as directed by physicians. Precautions: If you are allergic to milk or any dairy products, please consult your doctor before consuming High IgG Colostrum.

Nutrition Information:

Colostrum is a form of milk produced by the mammary glands of mammals early after giving birth. It is known to be rich in bioactive components which in “mature” milk are not present or present in substantially lower concentration. These components include antimicrobial compounds, growth factors, immune-regulating constituents and oligosaccharides.[1-3]

Colostrum contains antibodies called immunoglobulins such as IgA, IgG and IgM.[4] Among them there are immunoglobulins specific to many human pathogens, including Escherichia Coli, Cryptosporidium Parvum, Shigella Flexneri, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, and Rotavirus (which causes diarrhea in infants).[5] Colostrum, when taken as a supplement, may stimulate the production of the growth factor IgF-1.[6] Reduced IgF-1 release has been associated with cognitive disorders and neurodegeneration during aging.[7-8]

High quality Colostrum must be certified to contain a minimum of 18% immunoglobulins. Colostrum 200mg which contains 25% IgG could provide plenty of immunoglobulin to ensure sufficient nutrients for children.

Colostrum is rich in growth factors, lactoferrin, lactalbumin, proline-rich polypeptides, vitamins, minerals and amino acids; they are essential elements for children growth.

Growth Factors  Medical studies have shown that vital growth factors from bovine colostrum are practically identical to human colostrum in composition and promote normal cell growth and DNA synthesis. Colostrum is enriched in growth factors which stimulate the growth of normal tissues, regenerate and accelerate the repair of aged or injured muscle such as burn, rejuvenated skin, collagen, bones, cartilages and nerve tissues.[9]

Lactoferrin  is a multifunctional protein with a number of possible physiological roles. The potent iron-binding properties of lactoferrin can aid host defense as it prevents bacteria from growing and forming biofilms. [10] It is present in body secretions which exist in body secretions such as milk, saliva, tears and nasal mucus. It frequently serves as the first line of defense against pathogens. [10] Research has also shown that lactoferrin could help balance intestinal microbiota and enhance nutrients absorption. [11-12]

Lactalbumin  is a protein present in the milk of all mammals. It is a source of essential amino acids. A human study has shown that diet enriched in lactalbumin could help improve coping and relieve stress.[13]

Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids  Colostrum contains vitamins C, D, B1, B6, B12, calcium, zinc, potassium and folic acid. It also contains amino acids which have antioxidant properties.[14]

Proline-rich polypeptides  are small immune signaling peptides function as signal transducing molecules that have unique effect of modulating the immune system, turning it up when the body is under attack by pathogens and damping it when danger is eliminated or neutralized.[15]

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