Vigor Liver Capsule Milk Thistle Extract (Complex formula)


The ingredients of Milk Thistle Extract Complex Formula may provide the following remarkable functions:

  • Protect and repair liver cells, promote regeneration of liver cells [11]
  • Powerful antioxidant function to protect cell membranes against free radicals damage and regeneration of new cells [5,13]
  • Improve the function of liver [2]
  • Relieve acute and chronic hepatitis [6]
  • Relieve damage to the liver caused by excessive alcohol [3]
  • Increase the excretion of bile [9]
  • Better appetite, help digestion [10]
  • Improve large intestine inflammation [12]
  • Help recover from fatigue and nausea caused by tiredness[15]
  • Relieve muscle and joint pain[16]
  • Improves general health [15,16]

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Product Name:

Vigor Liver Capsule Milk Thistle Extract (Complex formula)

Pack Size:

100 Tablets

Place of Origin:

Vitamins For Life: 248 Wagner Street, Middlesex, NJ 08846, U.S.A.

Recommended Daily Dose/ Direction:

Adults take 1-2 capsules daily or as recommended by physicians.

Nutrition Information:

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