Invita Vitamin C 1000mg with Rose Hips and Zinc


Invita Vitamin C 1000mg with Rose Hips and Zinc

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Vitamin C is essential for immunity

Human body depends on white blood cells for combating bacteria. Performance of white blood cells could determine the power of immunity. When the immune system is weak and white blood cells cannot function properly, germs can easily attack and make us sick. Vitamin C is vital for the immune system. It can specifically activate white blood cells to engulf and kill bacteria, consolidating a strong body. No matter how busy you may be, health is priceless. Get prepared now! Invita Vitamin C 1000mg with Rose Hip and Zinc  provides what you need for immunity and health.

Zinc revives the vitality of immune system

Speed up wound healing: [1] Repair damaged skin and maintain skin health. Skin is the first line of body defense. Zinc can help to consolidate the skin as physical barrier against bacterial infections.

Inhibit pathogen proliferation: [2] Facilitate the formation of interferon which suppresses proliferation of pathogens. It could reduce the chance of having health problems.

Slow down aging: [2] Aging is highly correlated to the cell division process. Existing cells require hereditary messages to produce new cells in replacement of old damaged cells. The process cannot take place without the existence of zinc, so zinc is important for the repairing of cell.

Relieve allergic response: [3] When antigen enters our body, it will elicit formation of histamine and induce allergic response. Zinc can suppress the formation of histamine and relieve the symptoms of allergy.

Multifunctional Rose Hip

Rose Hip is the fruit of rose with multiple benefits to health. Rose Hip helps you to stay healthy in different areas by a special herb itself.



By stimulating bowel movement, rose hip can help to eliminate toxins from the body, as well as excess salts and even fats, minimizing the damage to the body.[4]
Powerful antioxidant Neutralize harmful free radicals. Free radicals are by-products of cellular metabolism and could damage healthy cells.[4]
Boost up immune system Contain 50% more vitamin C than orange. Rose Hip facilitates vitamin C absorption to maximize utilization. Rose Hip works together with vitamin C to have synergistic effect which can effectively strengthen immune system. [4]
Maintain healthy heart Help to keep your heart healthy. Stronger heart implies for strong vitality which is beneficial for longevity. [4]


Benefits of Vitamin C + Zinc + Rose Hip:

  • Help to reduce fatigue induced by flu [5-7,9,11]
  • Help to relieve symptoms of allergy [5-8]
  • Protect and strengthen capillaries, connective tissues and gum [5-8]
  • Involve in collagen synthesis which promotes wound healing process [5-8,11]
  • Strong antioxidant [8]
  • Protect the skin against sunlight (UV radiation) and free radical [8]
  • Decelerate aging process [8]
  • Help formation and restoration of visual pigment [10]
  • Maintain normal functioning of vision [10]
  • Maintain body defense [5-7,9,11]
  • Maintain good appetite and the health of gastrointestinal and digestive system [12]

Suitable for the following people:

  • Catch a cold easily or with weak immunity
  • “Sub-Health” group having symptoms of fatigue, headache etc.
  • Easy to have allergic response
  • Smoking or alcohol drinking habits
  • Perform vigorous sports or labor intensive work
  • Bleeding of gums or mouth ulcers
  • Work overtime

Recommended Daily Dose:

For Adults and Children 12 years and up: Take 1 tablet daily or as recommended by physicians.



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