Dr. Heart CoQ10 100mg Softgel Capsules


Functions of Coenzyme Q10

  • Help maintain health of cardiovascular system[3-6,10-11]
  • Help to maintain general health and boost up immune system[4-5]
  • Strong antioxidant to protect cells from free radicals[1,3-6,12]
  • Increase energy and body strength by revitalization of body cells[5,11]
  • Slow down body and brain degeneration rate[1,3-5,13-15]
  • Support neurological health and reduce migraine frequency[5]
  • Decelerate aging process[4-6,12]
  • Improve sperm density and motility[5,16]

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Product Name:

Dr. Heart CoQ10 100mg Softgel Capsules

Pack Size:

60 Tablets

Place of Origin:

MB Pharma Labs 20A Roosevelt Ave., Somerset, New Jersey 08873, U.S.A.

Recommended Daily Dose/ Direction:

Adults take 1-4 softgel capsules daily after meal or as directed by physicians.

Nutrition Information:

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