About us

Noble Health Co Ltd

is established in 2005. We are a Licensed Wholesale Dealer and Licensed Pharmaceutical Manufacturer (Secondary Packaging) approved by the Department of Health in Hong Kong. We offer a complete line of Western and Asia nutritional supplements, generics, natural vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements and medicinal ointment products.

We have reputation suppliers from Europe, U.S.A, Australia and New Zealand of being an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) manufacturer that provides high quality guaranteed products to all our valuable customers. Our sales network including Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asia and our target customers are Private Practitioners, Hospitals, Dispensaries, Chain Stores and Sub-Distributors.

Our Services: We work with our customers to search for new formulas, tailor-made private label & package design for their own brand and dealing with import and re-export goods. We also offer secondary packaging service.

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